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Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

For charities and nonprofit organizations, print materials can be one of the most effective ways to reach donors, raise funds and generate awareness for a campaign. Evergreen offers a variety of print solutions to nonprofits, ranging from color brochures and remittance envelopes to monthly and quarterly reminders.

Evergreen’s Mailing List Services ensures that your audience is narrowed down to the people that meet your giving requirements. If you can identify who your prospective donors are by gender, income, religion or children, we can construct a list of matching prospects.

Additionally, we can conduct several small test mailings to selected demographics (your profiled clients) measuring the returns and revenue from each mailing to maximize your campaign budget. Evergreen offers a large array of direct mail materials. For low-budget campaigns, charities may want to consider mailing postcards to prospects. Otherwise, they may want to consider using full-color brochures. Nonprofits should also remember to include an envelope with their direct mail package to encourage recipients to donate.

Another way that philanthropic organizations use print materials to raise funds is by selling promotional items. For example, printing calendars are relatively inexpensive and can be done quickly. Charities can then sell the calendars, providing donors with long-lasting value for their contributions. Similarly, nonprofits can print packs of greeting cards with images representing their organization to sell for funds.

Furthermore, nonprofits can use posters and flyers to promote fundraising events, maximizing turnout and generating public awareness. Once charities have acquired donors, they can print and mail newsletters, keeping donors informed about organizational developments, upcoming events, and fundraising drives.