Product Templates

Evergreen Printing & Mailing provides a wide variety of product templates to help ensure your layouts meet the requirements for printing, cutting and mailing.

What are Product Templates?

Product templates are downloadable files which help customers design print-ready files. Each template provides information on product size, layout, bleed, safety zone, and any folding or mailing guidelines.

Do I Need to Use a Product Template?

No. If you are designer, you should use whatever resources help you quickly create a design. However, if you don’t use one of our product templates, we encourage you to take a little extra time to ensure that your files are print-ready before submission.

Are Product Templates Similar to Stock Designs?

No. Evergreen product templates are only intended to aid in the correct sizing for bleed, margins, fold lines, perforation lines, and address placement.

What if a Product Template is Incorrect?

While we always try to provide accurate product templates, errors may occur on rare occasions. if a product template is confusing or incorrect, we encourage you to let us know by submitting feedback. After receiving your email, we will make every effort to quickly address the issue.

What if the Size of My Artwork is Different Than the Size Specified in the Product Template?

If you want your artwork to fit into one of our product templates, you will need to resize your images by scaling them up or down proportionally to fit into a product template. You must submit the correct size for printing.