Indesign: Packaging Files

Packaging your files in InDesign creates a handy ZIP file with everything needed for your print project.

How Do I Package My Files in InDesign?

1. Open your INDD file in InDesign.
2. If possible, resolve any errors concerning missing links or fonts.
3. Go to File Menu then select Package. (on PC CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+P)
4. Click the Package button at the bottom of the Summary window (This window was called the preflight window in older versions).
5. Click continue on the “Printing Instructions” window (most people ignore these instructions).
6. Browse to where you’d like to create the package folder (desktop would be fine) and enter the name of the folder.
7. Make sure that the “Copy Fonts,” “Copy Linked Graphics,” “Update Graphic Links in Package,” and “Include Fonts and Links from Hidden….” are all checked.
8. Click the package button.
9. Find the new folder that InDesign created and verify that it contains copies of all required files.
10. Right-click the folder and choose “Compress” (Mac) or “Send to… Compressed ZIP Folder” (Windows, might be something different but similar depending on what software you have installed). This will zip it up.
11. If the file size is less than 10MB, you can probably safely email it. If it’s more, then you should use some other method (DropBox, FTP, YouSendIt, web server, etc.) to share the file.