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Marketing Your Business with Door Hangers

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When you think about your daily living habits, does the use of your door knob come to mind? Your customer’s door knob could possible hold the key to increasing your customer base.  Door hangers end up directly in the hand of your potential customer where as other marketing methods end up in a mailbox and potentially in the trash.

Catalogs: Does Your Business Need One?

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Catalog printing provides you with a way to get a lot of information in front of your customers in a vibrant, physical format. Customers are more apt to keep colorful, well-made catalogs long past their publishing date and often use them as reference materials that are kept on tables. Here are some things to consider when producing a physical catalog that your customers can purchase.

Appointment Cards, Your Invisible Business Partner

Appointment cards are an important marketing piece that many business owners use on a daily basis. These cards act as a reminder and an advertisement that you send with your client or customer to remind them of their next appointment. Think of your appointment card as an invisible business partner, one who is silently responsible for reminding them of their upcoming appointment with you.  Your appointment card is conveniently sized to fit perfectly into wallets, phone cases, and planner pockets.

5 Ways You Can Use Direct Mail Marketing in Your Business


While local and/or small businesses feel the marketing pinch on their budget, there are ways that your small business can still compete with the ‘Big Box’ stores in your town while sticking to your marketing budget. Remember, marketing big no longer requires having a big budget; in fact, it only calls for the business owner to ‘market smart’. Marketing Smart requires that the business owner knows their message, target customer, and does the research.  Below are 5 ways you can use direct mailing on a small budget to reach your perfect customer:

5 Tips for Effective Brochure Printing & Marketing


Your business can most likely benefit from including a custom brochure into your marketing strategy. Printing brochures is one of the most useful marketing tools available to business owners simply by using focused written copy with graphics that speak to your clientele.

3 Products to Consider for Business Networking Success

Business networking takes place every day, whether we are attending a planned meeting or are grocery shopping, there will always be an opportunity for you to share your business with prospective clients. The big question is “are you prepared to network”?

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