Postcards with Maps

Variable Data Card with Map

Printing Postcards with Maps

Variable data printing is extremely effective when it comes to reaching your prospective clients. Eliminate blocks to your door. Map the route from your prospect’s home address directly to your location. Include the recipient’s name and other data to make your message both personal and relevant. Once they realize you are talking directly to them, they are much more likely to listen and follow up.

Designing Postcards with Variable Data Maps

  • Any sized postcard works
  • Variable data maps not limited to postcards
  • Dynamic for schools, hospitals, businesses and institutions when directing new clients to your door

Your Mailing List

In printing and processing these cards, we will meet USPS requirements, so you get the best discounts available. We can process your mailing list or provide you with a dependable list that includes options such as: the recipient’s name, address, age, gender, home, auto or boat owner, presence of children, income, net worth and more. Your list options are endless, and the more you drill down to exactly who you want to speak with, the more effective your advertising dollars will be. Variable data works great with maps, and we are excited to offer this new feature! We’ll deal with the post office, while you get ready for a great response.

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