Variable Data Printing


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What is Variable Data Printing?

What is VDP? Variable Data Printing is the process of merging unique, personalized information onto your mail piece. When you personalize letters, newsletters, bookletspostcards or brochures to contain unique, personal data you create measurable benefit for your mailing campaign. Variable data includes the recipient’s name, address or any other specific information pertaining to the client that is part of your database. Mail your client list. Every time you include the recipient’s name the response potential increases. Make it personal and relevant, and you will get results.

There are vast amounts of specific information that can be found in various databases. Start with a dependable mailing list that includes the recipient’s name address and other data depending on your target such as age, gender, home, auto or boat owner, presence of children, income, net worth and more. If you don’t have a list, we can create one for you. We can also profile your clients and purchase a list with matching demographics. This works!

Test your response rate by mailing smaller groups and change your offers. Consider the results of this study conducted by Info Trends of businesses using Variable Data Printing:

  • Response rate up 36% from non-personalized mail
  • Average order size / value of order up 24.5%
  • Repeat orders/retention up 47.6%
  • Overall profit up 31.6%
  • Response time up 33.9%

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