Direct Mail

Direct mail places your message directly in the hands of your prospects.

Direct mail designed for and targeted to your prospects with a strong offer gets results and increases profits.

Direct mail remains the only marketing method that allows you to physically place your message directly into the hands of your target audience, yielding a better return on investment (ROI).

Direct Mail Works!

Smart marketing combines direct mail with your website and email marketing. Who are your clients? Evergreen will help you profile your clients then provide small, targeted test mailing lists for results. Smart marketing uses several small test mailings to selected demographics (your profiled clients) measuring the returns and revenue from each mailing. Each test mail campaign uses a different special offer that pushes for a response to your website. Now you can measure ROI and the effect of each test marketing campaign. Now you can qualify new clients and collect and use email addresses for future marketing. Statistics show that smart marketing can increase your client base and reduce your marketing investment by 60% by providing tools that engage your clients while qualifying new clients and expanding your client base.

Smart Marketing Works!


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