Flat Card Mailers

Printing Flat Card Mailers

Flat card are used in advertising, marketing and political campaigns, because they are highly visible and easily viewed right from the mailbox. They are large pieces of mail that grab your attention with exciting color and images.

Designing Flat Card Mailers

  • Printed on variety of card stock and finishes
  • Full color or black ink
  • Dimensions range between 11.5” x 6” and 15” x 12”

Mailing Flat Card Mailers

Target specific consumers based on buying behavior, income levels, demographics and more. We can create that list for you. Contact us today, so we can determine how to best meet your needs.

Pensacola Pickup Option

Are you located near the Pensacola, Florida area? Save on shipping with local pickup at our Beverly Parkway location. Can’t make it to the storefront? Certain items are available for delivery, or we will ship them to you!

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