Appointment Cards

Why Print Appointment Cards?

When you want your customer to arrive on time and never miss a meeting, choose appointment cards by Evergreen. Appointment cards are ideal for all businesses that rely on scheduling and organization for their client services. Medical practices, beauty salons, spas and more depend on appointment cards to get through their day and on their way. Stay on course with Evergreen’s professionally printed appointment cards!

Designing Your Appointment Card

Are you looking to create a design for your first appointment card, or upgrade your current layout? We have a trained staff of designers with extensive experience creating custom-designed appointment cards. Most appointment cards list a business name and address, either on the front or back of the card, leaving several lines blank for writing the appointment date and time, again either on the front or back of the card. At Evergreen, we also offer the option to leave one side coated for a sleeker look.

Already have a design in mind? Upload it to our website, and we’ll make sure your vision is executed to perfection. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing what works:

  • Standard size is 2” x 3.5” or the size of a typical business card (folded options available)
  • Linen to non-coated or coated on one side
  • 65, 80 and 100 lb. stock available

At Evergreen, we will print your appointment cards at the highest quality for the lowest price. Let us quote you today. Email or call us toll free at 800-850-9361.

Pensacola Pickup Option

Are you located near the Pensacola, Florida area? Save on shipping with local pickup at our Beverly Parkway location. Can’t make it to the storefront? Certain items are available for delivery, or we’ll ship them to you.

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